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Vintage Runyon Stainless 11 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece .091

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Product ID: RunyonStainless11AltoSep2021

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Here is a nice Santy Runyon Stainless model Alto Sax mouthpiece. It stamped as an 11, but measures close to a Runyon 10 at .091"/2.31mm. Billed as being the only piece hand finished by Santy Runyon himself, the Stainless model was Runon Product's top-of-the-line mouthpiece at the time. It's machined from stainless steel, features a hard rubber bite plate, and has a Teflon coating inside the chamber.
There is a pronounced roll to the baffle which leads into a flat floor. The floor and straight side walls flow into a medium round chamber. The condition of the table, tip, and rails are in nice, original hand-finished condition with only the tiniest mark on the right side rail and a bit of teflon coating lost on the facing surfaces. The body has light scratching and there are faint toot marks on the bite plate.
This mouthpiece plays with plenty of warmth with a round-dark sound. It is in no way stuffy, though, and projects nicely with crisp, defined articulation. At higher dynamics and in the upper octaves, it is capable of a healthy amount of "cut." It would sit well as a section player's piece as it is easy enough to blend with a section and locks into pitch very nicely. 
Vintage Runyon R Ligature, mouthpiece cap, and promotional brochure are included.