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Vintage Runyon Metal Alto Sax Mouthpiece .077

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Product ID: RunyonMetalAltoSep2021

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Big and buzzy.
The first of its kind to come through our shop, this chrome-plated brass mouthpiece  for alto sax was made by Runyon. Its outer profile is rather wide with a long, gently sloping beak. There are light scuffs all over the body with a couple of more noticeable scratches and a bit of discoloration on the table. It looks like it has had a bit of refacing work done. There is some plating missing from the tip and rails, but the table is flat and the rails are even. There is no opening stamp, but it measures .077"/1.96mm which is a solid Runyon 6. Inside, there is only a little bit of a roll baffle. The floor is concave and the sidewalls are round, leading into a LARGE round chamber.
This mouthpiece plays easily with a timbre that sounds like the mids are scooped out. Big, but buzzy with easy articulation.
No ligature or cap are included.