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Vintage Runyon Custom Metal 7 Alto Sax Mouthpiece .077

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Product ID: RunyonCustomMetal7AltoSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

Big mids in a slim package.
This is a used Runyon Custom Metal 7 for alto saxophone. It is made from chrome-plated brass with a 7 facing stamp and a tip opening of .077"/1.96mm. This piece features a large rounded chamber with flat inward facing sidewalls. The baffle is rolled on the tip and predominantly flat going down to the throat. Paired with a medium-firm reed, this mouthpiece yields a timbre that is large with brilliant mid-range harmonics. Response is easy across the whole range of the instrument. There's plenty of projection to be had, but it's not at all hard to reign in the volume for some sultry ballade playing. 
Physically this mouthpiece is in good shape with minor cosmetic scuffing on the body. The table still has all the original concentric semicircle milling marks down most of the way down the side rails but shows a bit of discoloration in the plating.. It plays great currently so it needs no extra finishing/refinishing.
Tip Opening - 0.077inch/1.96mm