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Vintage Riffault France C-Melody Sax Mouthpiece .065

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Product ID: RiffaultCMelOct2021


HELP, I Want One!

This vintage Riffault France hard rubber C-Melody mouthpiece measures .065"/1.65mm tip opening. The table, tip, and rails are in immaculate, unaltered condition and it is built to use tenor reeds. There is a bit of light scratching on the body with a notable mark from a ligature screw on the back.
Best played with a stiff, thick-hearted reed, this mouthpiece plays with a rich, dark, "complex" timbre that isn't overly focused. It is capable of a nice, wide dynamic range and avoids the duck-call/kazoo-like timbre sometimes associated with the vintage American C-Melody mouthpieces.
No ligature or cap are included.