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Vintage Rico Reloplex 3M by Gregory Hollywood for Tenor Sax, Serial #6792

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Rico Reloplex 3M for Tenor
This is a vintage Rico Reloplex by Gregory Hollywood for tenor sax, serial number 6792. These pieces were made during the time Rico was the distributor for Gregory. The were constructed from the molds of the Los Angeles composite models. They also all feature a nice metal shank ring for support and  resonance.
This on is in very good condition and does not look like it has been played  much in the past. The facing profile of the table tip and rails is in very good condition. It was fitted with a Oleg ligature by the previous owner and they also put a patch over the signature fro protection. The mouthpiece measures all original with a tip opening of .076”. Like other Gregory pieces these play with a sweet and clear dark sound color.