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Vintage Players Horn – Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto In Raw Brass, Serial #144068

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Selmer Mark VI Alto
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone in raw brass finish, serial number 144068. A horn like this is a great option for anyone looking to pick up a Mark VI for a lower price point. The alto is a fabulous free blowing player. It features an ultra fast response to air flow as well as a beautifully balanced sonic character across its entire range. The crisp sound, projection and flexibility of this particular alto make it a fabulous item for players who need to be versatile.  
The pictures tell the story of its condition the best. The body is in solid shape with history of a lot of past use and some repair. The saxophone had the finished stripped from it at some point in the past, it was also most likely re-lacquered as well. You can still see the American floral engraving on the bell but it is on the fainter side and does not show up well in the pictures. This saxophone was serviced a few years ago in another pro shop and was set up with a set of treated red leather pads and metal Maesto resonators. It also looks like there was some solder repairs performed on the saxophone as well. A few of the key guard feet have been re-soldered as well as solder repair on some of the post ribbing and under the G# key. 
At some point in the past the original neck for this saxophone was damaged beyond repair. Luckily a previous tech did an extremely excellent job outfitting it with a replacement. The replacement neck was initially a Taiwanese copy of a Selmer neck which they then outfitted with the hardware and octave key from the original Mark VI neck. What is left of the original neck is shown at the end of the photo spread. The tech did a very good job and an untrained eye might have a hard time telling it was not an original Mark VI neck. 
This sax just received a fresh pro set-up in our shop by tech Derick Tramel. The work included a dissemble, cleaning and precise regulation of the key work. While the sax was apart we also replaced any needed cork and felt key materials. It is now in perfect regulation and feels and plays wonderfully.
While it is not the prettiest Mark VI in the building this saxophone is a superb player and is worth its weight in gold to the pro player. Ships in perfect playing condition in a Protec box case.