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Vintage Penzel Mueller Ab Piccolo Clarinet in Grenadilla with Nickel Keys #09047

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Product ID: 09047PenzelMuellerAbPicClar


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Wooden Piccolo at a Solid Price
Pictured above is a rare find, a Penzel Mueller Ab piccolo clarinet in grenadilla wood with nickel plated keys, serial number #09047. This clarinet was manufactured in the mid-1920s in New York, it is hard to pinpoint an exact year. Featuring 5-ring Boehm-system keywork down to low E (middle C in concert pitch), the Ab piccolo clarinet can span a piccolo flute range with a whole-step to spare as a single reed. A few interesting features include vent keys attached to the rings for D/A and Bb/F tone-holes, which move in tandem. Interestingly, the internal bore is cylindrical and tapers out into the bell before the tenon. 
We have overhauled and restored this instrument with cork pads, synthetic pads for the lower pinky keys, new felts and materials for good regulation, the body has been rehydrated from an oil bath, and only a very minor crack formed at the end of the lower tenon which we filled. There are a few spots of wear in the nickel plating, and a few light scrapes across the body but are not deep cuts at 
This instrument is playing well for its age, but intonation does not come easily. Even after a full restoration repair, the break is hard to cross, and we were using a soft reed for an Ab clarinet.
Sonically, this instrument has a very full, rich, beautiful sound in the chalumeau. The clarion register is powerful, the altissimo is even more piercing than you'd expect an Eb, let alone a Bb clarinet.
If you are looking for a unique instrument in overhauled condition, this will be a great addition, especially for a clarinet choir. We will ship the Penzel Mueller piccolo clarinet with its bell, a new Vandoren Paris Ab clarinet mouthpiece with matching ligature, and a Bb clarinet carrying case.