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Vintage 'Pearl Side Key' King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 313313

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Product ID: 313313Super20Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Beautiful 1950 vintage King Super 20 tenor sax with “pearl side keys,” serial number 313313. This tenor is just about the most perfect relacquered job we've ever seen. In fact, if the color of the lacquer was just a little darker, I would think it was original. The engraving is absolutely perfect and there are no signs of buffing anywhere. It looks great!This tenor was almost certainly relacquered at the factory, the job is as nice as you will ever find.


Besides looks, the sax is in tremendous physical condition as well. I see no dents and no signs of previous repair, including no resoldered joints. The lacquer is a little scruffy on the back side of the tube, from where it may rest against the player, but otherwise shows excellent coverage throughout. The original sterling silver neck, with double socket receiver, underslung octave key, and matching serial number, is perfect.


This Super 20 arrived to us on old pads, well past prime. It is currently in our repair shop in line for a complete overhaul. We'll replace pads and material, using premium firm leather pads and metal resonators, and adjust spring tensions and key heights to original factory specs. After the work, this sax will not only look great, but feel like a new tenor again.


On the old pads, it is currently leaking pretty badly, but you can still get a sense for the presence this tenor is capable of. It wants to take all of your air and then some. Sonically, it seems to be a bit more spread, while remaining full and beefy. I'm excited to get the repad done and see what it really can do! This tenor is the total package and while not an inexpensive horn, it is priced well below where you typically find a pearl side key Super 20 with looks like this. Ships in a quality vintage King case, as pictured.