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Vintage Otto Link Tone Master 5 Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax, Serial #1028

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Product ID: 1028OLinkTMaster5


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Otto Link New York
This is a vintage Otto Link New York Tone Master for tenor sax in a 5 facing, serial number 1028. At this point in time the finish has worn off and the piece is not the prettiest. It does still have the original black bite plate which is in good shape. At this time the piece plays decently and has a great intense sonic character. The condition of the table and side rails is pretty clean. Unfortunately the tip rail is not in the prettiest of and has a notable area of wear on one side. This could be cleaned up by a professional mouthpiece re-facer.  Because of the condition of the tip rail we are selling this piece at a very reduced price. 
The current tip opening measures .070”