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Vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master Florida 'No USA' 8* - Brian Powell .110

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Product ID: OlinkFL8sBP110TenRK


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Otto Link Super Tone Master - .110
This is a extremely nice Otto Link Florida Super Tone Master 8* for tenor saxophone. The piece is in excellent condition and includes the T stamp ligature as well as a cap and the original box. 
The piece was more recently touched up by mouthpiece guy Brian Powell. The response is crisp with an even timbre balance across all registers. It displays the intense character most people look to get in a great Otto Link. 
Like nearly all of the vintage STM pieces we see this one does show a history of past play time. But that being said there is no serious wear or signs of past abuse. The outer body, beak and shank are all in very solid physical condition. There is no notable indentations on the black bite plate.
The facing profile looks pristine at this time thanks to the great work done by Mr. Powell. It measures .110” at the tip opening.