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Vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master Early Babbitt 6* Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor

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Product ID: OlinkSTMEB6sTenGW


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Early Babbitt Super Tone Master

This is a vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master from their “Early Babbitt” period in a 6* facing. The piece has seen plenty of use in the past. The body outer body and beak of the mouthpiece are in good condition showing a normal amount of cosmetic character. The facing of the piece is not the prettiest but it does not show any signs it has ever been seriously worked on in the past. There is some discolored spotting around the piece in areas where the exposed silver plate has tarnished. This mouthpiece very likely spent a lot of time being stored in a case and not being played.

As it sits now this mouthpiece plays with a robust free blowing response to air flow and is fatter and brighter in comparison to many of the earlier vintage STM pieces. The tip opening of this mouthpiece is is .093”.