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Vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master 6* Early Babbitt for Tenor Sax .092 Tip Opening

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Product ID: OlinkEBSTM6sTen115NM


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Otto Link 6* Early Babbitt
This is a playing Otto Link Super Tone Master 6* for tenor from the Early Babbitt period. The mouthpiece has a good look to it and showing a history of past performances. Its outer body, shank and beak with black bite plate are all in good shape. The facing profile is also in great shape with clean rails, table and tip. It does look like some one has previously touched the facing and taken a little bit off of the rolled baffle. The tip opening on this mouthpiece measures .092”.
The piece plays with a smooth medium warm sound and showcases a clear projecting quality. Its medium tip opening allows it to function nicely with a heavier reed.