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Vintage Otto Link Slant Signature Transitional 5 Star Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Sax

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Otto Link - Tone Edge
This is a vintage Otto Link Tone Edge hard rubber 5* for alto sax. We do not see these very often. This particular piece has the design of the an Early Babbitt regarding the facing curve, baffle and outer body dimensions but it also has a “Slant Signature”. As a player this mouthpiece packs quite a punch. It is noticeably brighter then the earlier Slant Signatures and does show off the Early Babbitt style baffle roll below the tip. 
This piece is in very good shape and does not have any cracks. There is a small indentation on the beak. The facing profile of the mouthpiece looks very clean. The piece was most likely opened up just a hair in the past. It now measures .075”.