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Vintage Otto Link Reso Chamber 5 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Tenor, Serial #I15

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Product ID: I15OLinkResoTenRR


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Otto Link Reso Chamber
This is a vintage Otto Link Reso Chamber 5 hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor saxophone, serial number I 15. The piece is in very nice physical condition showing some normal play wear around the outer body. But nothing too terribly serious. You can still make out all of the signature stamping and inking. The table, tip and side rails is in very good condition with some hard to see wear spots beyond the outer tip rail. 
These pieces are known for playing with a darker character and are ultra free blowing. They are currently very hard to come by and are heavily sought after. This one in particular has an extremely small tip opening, measuring .070”. Most people will need to invest in having the piece professionally worked on before putting a serious amount of play time on it.