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Vintage Otto Link New York Tone Master 5* for Tenor Sax, Serial #J 38

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Product ID: J38OlinkTMaster5sTen


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Otto Link Tone Master
This is a vintage Otto Link Tone Master Mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. These are very dark playing mouthpieces and feature a large inner chamber then the slightly later double lines and Super Tone Master models. At this point the finish is off of the piece and it is showing in mostly raw brass. The original black bite plate is intact and does not show any deep indentations from previous use. 
The facing profile of the piece is for the most part in good condition while it is not all that pretty looking at this point. At some point someone scratched initials into the table of the mouthpiece. Due to the initials on the table we are selling this piece at a lower price point. 
The tip opening on this mouthpiece measures .080