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Vintage Otto Link New York Double Line Super Tone Master #C2, .085

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Otto Link - Double Line New York
This is a true vintage New York vintage “double line” Otto Link Super Tone Master tenor sax mouthpiece, serial number C2. The piece was stamped a 6* on the table It currently measures .085”. This is an equivalent to a 5*. It was re-faced and cleaned up a few years ago by mouthpiece tech Jimmy Jensen. The profile is now in excellent condition with clean table, tip and side rails. 
Unfortunately for unknown reasons the last owner shorted the shank of this piece. The body of the piece is now in raw brass. It does show an indentation on the black bite plate. This piece plays with the classic Link sound: warm and colorful with a good amount of punch backing it up. The work on the shank knocks the price down substantially, but it still plays very nicely. Most ideal for players who like a heavier reed and a smaller tip opening.