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Vintage Otto Link New York 5 Slant Signature Mouthpiece for Alto Sax, Serial #9279

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Product ID: 9279OlinkNyalt


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New York Slant Signature
This is a vintage New York Otto Link Slant Signature hard rubber mouthpiece for alto sax, serial number 9279. These New York vintage pieces are a nice choice if you are looking for a responsive Otto Link vibe with a extra rich dark color. This piece in particular is in very good condition with some standard play on it. The body and shank are both in great shape. Its beak has a small indentation from previous teeth placement. It is possible this piece as trued up in the past. The facing profile looks very clean. Its tip opening measures .066”.
These pieces feature a larger inner chamber with a wide open throat and rounded inner side walls. The mouthpiece plays with a dark sonic character. What makes these pieces very appealing is the exceptional clearness they have while still having a dark sound.