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Vintage Otto Link Florida USA Super Tone Master - Freddie Gregory Custom 7*

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Product ID: OLinkSTMFredG7sTenTP


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Freddie Gregory 7*

This is an exquisite vintage Otto Link Florida USA Super Tone Master for tenor saxophone. The piece received work by legendary mouthpiece tech Freddie Gregory. It features his signature as well as unique * stamp next to the 7. The outer body and shank are both in excellent condition showing a modest amount of cosmetic play wear from the last owner. Its beak and black bite plate are also in great shape. You can see a small amount of faint teeth marks on the black bite plate but nothing too serious. The facing profile is still clean regarding the side rails, table and tip.

The mouthpiece plays with an intense focused character and a darker sonic quality. While the color of the piece is on the darker side the response and clarity of sound is exceptional. The tip opening of the mouthpiece measures .104”.