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Vintage Otto Link Florida 6* Super Tone Master for Tenor Sax

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Product ID: OlinkSTM6sTen641


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Florida No USA STM Tenor 6*
This is a Florida vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master 6* for tenor saxophone. The piece is in nice physical condition around the body. Its original black bite plate is in good shape and does not have any indentations. The facing on the piece measures out closer to a 7 at .100”. The facing profile of the piece is in good condition showing some typical character for a piece that has seen many years of playing. Its finish is in good shape and does not show signs it has ever been worked on in the past. 
The Otto Link has a very quick response and intensely focused sound quality. It has a warm color at the heart of the sound but like any good Super Tone Master there is also a beautiful hint of brilliance and edge to the way it plays.