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Vintage Otto Link Early Babbitt Tone Edge Hard Rubber 7 – Opened to .110 by B.P.

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Otto Link Early Babbitt Tone Edge – Opened to .110
This is a tremendous playing Otto Link Tone Edge from the Early Babbitt period. It was originally stamped a 7 but was more recently opened up to an 8 (.110”) by mouthpiece tech Brian Powell. The outer body, beak and shank are all in great condition. There is a little bit of standard oxidation around the body but nothing too serious. Overall the piece is in great shape and the beak is exceptionally clean with no traces of indentations from the previous owner. The tip opening, table and tip are super crisp thanks to Brian's facing work. 
This particular piece is easily one of the best examples of a fabulous playing hard rubber Otto Link we have in the shop for quite some time. It takes air in easy and has a smooth response which is very flexible regarding sonic versatility.