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Vintage Otto Link Early Babbitt Hard Rubber Tone Edge Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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Product ID: OlinkEB5TETenor102


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Otto Link – Early Babbitt Vintage 5
This is a nice Otto Link Tone Edge 5 from the “Early Babbitt” period. These pieces have a lot of similarities to the older Florida vintage models but are most know for their own baffle presence below the tip rail. A true early Babbitt can also be easily identified by the steeper slope of where the beak meets the body. 
This particular piece is in good shape around the outer body showing some standard cosmetic wear. The facing profile is not the prettiest at this point. It does have spots of play wear. It plays with a quick response and a fairly brilliant color. This piece is notably brighter in comparison to the standard Otto Link Tone Master. 
The Tip Opening on this piece measures .088”