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Vintage Otto Link Early Babbitt 6* Metal Super Tone Master for Alto Sax

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Product ID: OlinkSTM6sAltED


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Early Babbitt Super Tone Master – Great Player!
This is a vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master mouthpiece for alto saxophone from the Early Babbitt period. The piece is in good shape showing some standard cosmetic character for a piece of its vintage. These pieces are known to be slightly brighter players then the earlier Florida USA models. This on in particular has a nice and subtle baffle roll bellow the tip rail. It does look like the facing of the mouthpiece was touched up in the past. The tip opening now measures .080”. 
This is a very easy to play free blowing piece and is not at all restrictive with air. A great piece you can push if you need to. Its nice balance and response allows for plenty of flexibility.