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Vintage Original Silver Plated Holton Bb Soprano Saxophone, Serial 14312

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Our Price: $ 500.00

Product ID: 14312HoltonBbSop

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Holton Bb Soprano - As is Budget Buy
This is a vitnage silver plated Holton Bb sorpano saxophone, serial number 14312. These old Holtons can make super sweet playing horns. The last owner of this horn was keeping it playing on very old pads and had made a couple home modifications to it as well, such as the added felts and circular thumb rest. At this time the horn is playing ok through some leaks and will play down to the bell keys if you put enough air in the horn. Becuase of the age of the pads and the time it has been since the sax has seen attention in a shop it will ultimatley need to be comletely overhauled before it can be considered in perfect playing condition or ready for any level of professional use. Becuase of this we are selling this soprano and a very low price point. This could be a great choice if you have a particular tech in mind or are looking to add a Holton to your home collection. 
Physically this is not the prettiest horn but it does showcase the original key pearls as well as all of the original key work. One thing that will need to be addressed during the next overhaul of this inturment is repair and addressing the post and rod for the G# lever. ( see picture )
This insturment ships in as is condition, it does not include a case but will be professionally wrapped and packed.