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Vintage Original Silver Plate Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax, 55670

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Product ID: 55670SBASilvTen


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Selmer Paris 1954 - Very Late Vintage SBA
This is a late vintage Super Balanced Action tenor sax in original silver plate by Selmer Paris, serial number 55670. During 1954 there was a window of time where the Mark VI's and SBA's overlapped in serial numbers. These late vintage SBA tenors are similar to the first series of Mark VI's in the way they share similar playing characteristics. They are powerful and extremely free blowing instruments. This particular tenor features a robust core while maintaining a consistent warmth and balance. Projection on this tenor is exceptional. 
The body of the saxophone is just about as clean as it gets. The silver plate finish is all original and other then some light cosmetic play wear there is not a lot going on with physical condition. Its body tube, bow, bow cap, bell and bell flare are all in outstanding original condition. This saxophone does not show any history of past solder repair. All of the key guards and guard feet are in outstanding condition as well as the original neck. The neck has never been pulled down. This neck was hand stamped at some point on the side of the tenon as well as marked on the inside of the tenon with the last 3 numbers, 670. (picture 32&33) The exact history of this horn is unknown so we can only speculate why the neck was marked. 
The tenor came into our shop having been somewhat recently serviced in another pro shop. All of the premium leather pads and metal resonators are in great shape and have a ton of life left in them. In order to make the horn perfect we are going to go through the horn and put a fresh set-up on it. The set up work will include a dissemble, cleaning and fine regulation of the key work. While the horn is apart they will replace all of the key felts and corks with premium materials. 
Before we put the horn in the shop we got a quick video of Austin testing it out. This tenor plays with the powerful intense character you want in an SBA but is also more open/spread in comparison to many of the earlier “Coltrane” vintage SBA's we have had in our shop. While classifying the tonal color of a horn is somewhat subjective to each player we found this SBA to be leaning towards the darker end. 

This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition with the Saxquest set-up and a non original Selmer Flight case.