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Vintage Original Silver Plate C.G. Conn Chu Berry Sorpano Sax, Serial #187774

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Chu Berry Vintage Conn New Wonder Soprano – 1926
This is a vintage Conn New Wonder “Chu Berry” soprano saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 187774. The Chu sopranos have all of the key features associated with the early classic era of Conn: fingernail file G# key, rolled tone holes, oversized ring right hand thumb rest and a super sweet  free blowing response. This particular soprano takes the air is very easy. It has a tremendous full resonating sound with a lush warm color. The ease of air intake on this instrument and the smooth compact key work make it a blast to play. 
Physically it is in very nice condition for its vintage showing the history of an well maintained instrument with plenty of play time. The body tube and upper neck area are both in very good condition. Its bell flare is also in good shape and has most of the original gold wash present. There have been a couple of re-solder repairs on this saxophone in the past. One located on the low B key post and near the palm F tone hole. 
This soprano came into our shop playing great on a set of older pads. Right now the sax is a fun and ultra smooth player but because of the age of most of the pads it is ultimately going to need a re-pad before it is ready for lots serious playing. We would love to do this soprano up right in our shop but due to a heavy back log of vintage overhauls we are selling this one in as is condition.