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Vintage Original Lacquer THE MARTIN ALTO Saxophone - Serial # 183163

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Product ID: 183163MartinAlto


HELP, I Want One!

With Original Neck

This is an original lacquer “The Martin Alto” alto sax, serial number 183163. This alto dates to around 1953, the heyday of Martin saxophones. It is in solid shape but is past due for a repad. With our repair shop backed up for months, we've decided to offer the option to take this one “as is” at a far reduced price.


Physically, this is horn is pretty straight. The lacquer is original and about 85% intact. The sax does show some history of past dent repair in the bottom bow, and one resoldered post on the body down there, but the tube is straight and there are currently no major dents to speak of. The neck is original to the sax with the matching serial number, and it has never been pulled down or damaged.


Pads are old and no longer of use. If you have an at-home repair bench or a favorite tech to take this sax to for a repad, this alto can be had for a song. If you'd like us to do the work, just select the option above, and we'll restore it properly. Our repad would include cleaning, all new pads and material, and pro set up. We'd also even out that previous dent work in the bottom.


A good classic Martin alto sax, this horn does come in its original case.