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Vintage Original Lacquer SML Gold Medal Tenor Saxophone, Serial #17664

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Product ID: 17664SMLGLDMedTenor


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SML Gold Medal
This is a vintage SML Gold Medal tenor saxophone in original lacquer finish, serial number 17664. These SML tenors are a great option for anyone seeking the vintage “French” sound. This SML is extremely free blowing and is an absolute blast to play. 
The body is currently in great physical condition while showing a standard amount of cosmetic wear you would expect to see on a well played professional horn. The lacquer has the correct dark honey tint which is further complemented by the crisp floral engraving stretching all the way down to the bow.  This tenor has seen some past body repair. The work was done professionally. A few of the key guard feet have been re-soldered as well as some past repair work to the neck. All of the original key work including the guards are intact. The neck is original and is in good condition. It at one point in time had two electric pick ups which have been removed and replaced by  flush plugs. 
This saxophone was professionally overhauled not too long ago in another shop with a set of white roo pads and metal domed resonators. The horn has seen some play time since the work was done but all of he pads and materials are still in good shape and have a ton of life left in them. While it was being overhauled the last owner of the saxophone also had a second neck strap ring installed on the saxophone while preserving the original. This saxophone also showcases most of the original gold plated springs.
The Gold Medal was considered to be SML's top class professional instrument when it was first made. It takes the air in super fast and features a robust free blowing response. From a response and sound standpoint this horn feels very akin to the vintage Selmer's from the late 1950's. This one in particular is an exceptional player. 
Because this tenor came into our shop playing tremendously on its current set-up we are selling it in as is condition. We will give it a look over on the bench and a play test to make sure it leaves our store in perfect playing condition. Ships is a nice hard case by Hiscox.