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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Super Balacned Action Tenor Sax, Serial #50606 - KILLER!!!

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Product ID: 50606SBATenor


HELP, I Want One!

Vintage Selmer Paris SBA - 1952
Here we have a vintage original lacquer Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone, serial number 50606. The sax has a great look to it and is sporting a fresh overhaul from saxophone tech Derick Tramel. It is now in perfect playing condition outfitted with all new Valentino premium pro leather pads, metal nickel plated domed resonators, new corks and new felts. The key work feels fantastic under the fingers providing an ultra fluid playing experience. 
This tenor features a lot of raw power, top to bottom. It plays with a big, powerful voice with great projection and never loses warmth or color, even at louder volumes. The overall response and resonance on this saxophone is incredible. This is definitely the kind of horn you can feel vibrate through to your fingers. In comparison to the first series of Mark VI's this SBA is much tighter and precisely focused from its core. The color of the sound is on the warm side and has a notable intensity to the way its sounds and projects. This is by no means an overly dark horn.
Cosmetically this tenor is sitting nicely with the majority of its original lacquer as well as the original neck with matching serial number. The American floral engraving remains crisp and well defined all the way down to the bow. As you will typically find on any great professional instrument this saxophone does have a little bit of past repair history. There was some past repair done to the upper body tube around the high E post. This repair was done professionally and can be easily missed if you do not know where to look. (see picture 15-16 ) The top guard foot of the low Eb key guard has also been re-soldered. Its bow is in excellent condition. The bow cap looks like it was very slightly bumped in the past but the integrity of the bow is excellent. Its bell is in great shape. The bell flare is also in very good condition while it does show some blemishing left from a past repair.  This saxophone does include all of the original key work as well as the original key pearls. All of the key pearls and pearl holders are in good condition and have not become overly worn down over the years. 
The comes with the original neck with matching serial number stamp. This neck is in great shape and has never had any major trauma. It does show history of once being very slightly pulled down in the past. But this has now been corrected and is back to its true angle. The neck has also never had any pick-ups or past pick up repairs. 
Over the last few years it has been increasingly difficult to obtain a good playing Super Balanced Action tenor. These horns are now arguably one of the most sought after vintage saxophones.  This one in particular is a world class player and is easily one of the most impressive players to come into our shop in quite some time. This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition with a Saxquest overhaul and a suitable modern contoured case.