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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax, Serial #220043

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Mark VI Tenor – 1973
This is a very pretty original lacquer Selmer Mark Vi tenor saxophone from late 1973, serial number 220043. If you are looking to get into a nice Mark VI for a tremendous price, this one fits the bill. This particular tenor is a superb player. It has a super smooth intake of air and a warm sound which stays consistently balanced across all registers. Compared to the modern Selmer this VI should be considered much more free blowing. That being said, it is much more controlled and balanced in direct comparison to many of the earlier Mark VI's from the late 1950s. This is a highly versatile Mark VI and is ideal for the modern professional.
The tenor shows off a very clean original lacquer finish. It does feature all the original key work, pearls and rollers in good condition. The American floral engraving is especially crisp and well-defined around the bell area. The key pearls still feel fresh under the fingers. There has been some body work performed on this sax in the past. A small ding was removed on the side of the bell, as well as body and solder repair along the bottom of the body tube and bow near the low C key. (see pictures) This saxophone is with the original Mark VI neck. It has never been pulled down.
This tenor came into our shop having been more recently re-padded in another shop. It is currently playing nicely on a set of standard grade Ferree’s B52 pads and Nylon resonators with green felts and natural corks. All of the pads are still in new condition. Ultimately, the horn would greatly benefit from a professional level set-up and service. In order to keep the price down on this Mark VI, we are currently offering it in as is condition at a lower price.
The price for an original lacquer Mark VI has never been higher. If you are looking for a good VI, a ton of money can be saved when purchasing a model from a later period like this one. This horn ships with the original Selmer hard wood zipper case.