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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Soprano Sax, Serial #265048

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Product ID: 265048MarkVISop


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Mark VI Soprano - Includes Saxquest Set-Up
This is a lovely original gold lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI soprano sax, serial number 265048. It has a warm centered core sound and is super efficient in response to air flow. The even timbre balance across the entire range of the sax allows for an easy and flexible playing inexperience. Its key action to high F is also quite comfortable under the fingers. 
The soprano is in beautiful condition and was well looked after by the previous owner. It shows off a lovely original lacquer finish and crisp engraving.  The body tube, upper neck venture and bell flare are all in very nice original condition. There is no signs the soprano has ever seen any major repair. There is no history of dent work and no re-solders. 
These later model Mark VI sopranos feature the bigger plastic thumb rest which is a nice improvement over the uncomfortable metal rest on the earlier models. They also feature improved tooling in the upper end of the horn, specificity the double resonance key ( see picture )  
This soprano is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional set-up. The set-up will include replacing of needed pads and all of the cork and felt material. Once complete the soprano will be in perfect playing condition. This soprano ships with original wood Mark VI hard case.