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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Saxophone, Serial #145990

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Selmer Mark VI – 1967
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone in original lacquer finish, serial number 145990. The VI altos made around 1967 have an extremely big following among collectors and professional musicians alike. This particular VI plays with a very sweet sonic character and a smooth response to air flow. It is noticeably more focused compared to the earlier five digit Mark VI's. A great option if  you are looking for a versatile jazz alto capable of more brilliance and sizzle. The projection and control of this alto is exceptional. 
This one has seen a good amount of play time in its day but is sporting original lacquer finish with crisp American floral engraving. The body tube, bow and bell are all in good original condition as is the original key work and all of the tone holes. Its key pearls are also in good shape and have not become flattened or worn down from years of use. Looking over the saxophone carefully there is no signs of major past body work. There has been no re-solder repairs on this saxophone. The saxophone is also with the original neck. It was pulled down in the past but will be brought back up to its true position while it is in our repair shop. 
The alto came into our shop with a nice set of leather pads and brown nylon resonators. At this time the sax is due for some general service work and cleaning. As such it is currently in our shop awaiting a professional set up. The work will include a dissemble and cleaning followed by precise key fitting and  a thorough set up. While the horn is in the shop we will also replace any needed key materials as well as bringing the neck back to its true postilion.
This alto ships out in perfect playing condition with a fresh set up from our shop and the original Selmer wood hard case.