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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Sax, Serial #228742

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Product ID: 228742MarkVIAlt18


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Awesome Versatile Mark VI Alto Sax

This is an original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number 228742. If you are looking for a hands down versatile pro alto this one is going to be a top shelf choice. It is a fantastic and versatile player. In comparison to the earlier Mark Vi's these later models are more focused and have a tighter core sound. This particular alto has exceptional projection and a smooth balanced response from top to bottom. It should also be noted that the sound character stays fat and full all the way into the upper register. The palm keys are especially full on this alto and do not become thin. 

This alto has seen its fair share of performances in the past but is in solid physical condition. The last owner played it professionally an kept it nicely maintained over the years. It shows modest play wear to the original lacquer finish in all the usual areas. Its body tube, bow and bow cap are all in great shape. The bow cap itself is perfect and was never dented or pushed in. The bell flare is also in good shape but does show a little bit of cosmetic wear.  There is one re-solder repair to the key guide for palm key F. The American floral engraving is still clean and crisp across the bell area. This saxophone does include the original Mark VI neck. The neck was slightly pulled down in the past but it was later brought back up to its true position by a previous tech. 
The previous owner of the saxophone kept it maintained on a set of leather pads and metal waffle resonators. These pads are in nice condition and have plenty of life left. We are also planning to look over the sax once more in our shop before it is sent out to ensure all the pads are sealing up perfectly. This is an ideal alto for the professional alto player who needs something powerful and versatile.