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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Sax, Serial #148728 – 1967

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Product ID: 148728MarkViAlt


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Selmer Paris Mark VI - 1967
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number 148728. The altos made in 1967 are one the most highly desired horns on the vintage Market. They showcase the medium bow length and a neck with a low octave key saddle. Like many of the best playing Mark VI's this one has seen a healthy amount of professional use over the years as well as some repairs. It is with all of the original key work, neck and guards. Because the horn is now mostly raw brass it is difficult to tell the precise history of the horn. Looking over the horn closely, the alt F# key guard was solder repaired in the past. There is currently a couple of dings around the lower bow region which will be removed while the horn is in our shop. The saxophone is with the original neck. Its neck is in similar cosmetic condition to the rest of the body but it has never been seriously pulled down. 
As a player this alto is very quick at taking in air and allows for a lot of sonic flexibility. Horns like this one are ideal for the professional looking for something versatile while also having access to ample power and projection when needed. A previous owner of the saxophone added an additional support arm on top of the F pad cup. This is a fairly standard modification and it is intended to improve and aid in the regulation of he bottom stack. The pearls on the sax still have a nice feel to them and are not overly worn down or “flat” feeling. 
This alto is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional overhaul. The overhaul will include a dissemble, through cleaning, body work and precise key fitting. It will then be set-up and outfitted with all new premium leather pads, metal domed resonators and all new corks and felts. Once all this work is complete the horn will be back to spec and in perfect playing condition. 
This Mark VI is not your grandparents pristine closet horn. It is a fantastic instrument for the serious pro player. Ships in perfect playing condition with a Saxquest pro overhaul and used contoured case.