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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Sax, Serial #134071

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Our Price: $ 4,500.00
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Product ID: 134071MarkMVIAlt

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Selmer Mark VI Alto 1966
This is a nice original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number 134071. If you are looking for a nice original lacquer alto and do not mind a little bit of cosmetic character this sax can be had at a nice price. The sax does feature the original lacquer and original neck with matching serial number stamp. The neck is in good condition and has never been damaged in the past. Its body tube, bow and bell are also all in nice original condition. The saxophone does not have any history of re-solders. All of the original key guards are in great shape. Its original key pearls on the sax also maintain a clean and comfortable feel to them.
We received this sax with on an older set of pads, but it is still playing as you can see in the video. Ultimately, this horn will need a repad, so we have priced it accordingly at a low price, to give you room to get it repadded and still be ahead in the game. 
This sax plays with a quick response and has a nice bite or edge to the way it plays. A really nice original lacquer Mark VI for a lower price.