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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Balanced Action Alto Sax, Serial #23654

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Product ID: 23654SelmerBAAlt

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Beautiful Original Lacquer Balanced Action
This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Paris Balanced Action alto sax, serial number 23654. Nearly all of the BA vintage saxophones we see are re-lacquered. The fact that this particular alto is a showcase of such nice originality is very exciting. Its body does show some light to modest play wear to the original finish around the major touch points. The body of the alto is in very crisp condition and does not have any history of notable repair. No major dent work and zero past re-solders. All of the key guards and guard feet are in perfect condition and have never been repaired. The bell flare, bow and bow cap are also pristine. This saxophone does also include the original neck which is in perfect condition. Perhaps the most impressive part of the alto is the ultra clear engraving. The high level of detail and beauty is quite stunning especially regarding the centerpiece scene. Please see the engraving centerpiece showing mountains, palm tress and a sailboat. (Pictures 25) 
Due to the stunning condition of this instrument it was most likely a case horn or collectors item until fairly recently. It came into our shop playing on a professional overhaul of white roo pads and metal domed resonators. The pads are somewhere around 5 years old at this point. While the saxophone is in our shop we are also going to go through the saxophone to make sure it is still in tip top playing condition and change out just a few of the pads as well as some of the key materials. 
In addition to being one of the finest looking vintage Balanced Actions we have seen in a very long time this alto is one seriously sweet player. It has a medium warm color and a very vibrant sonic character. The voice it produces has a lovely singing quality. Projection and versatility are top notch on this instrument. The timbre is also very consistent from top to bottom on this instrument, the low register is rich and the sound stays full and fat all the way into the palm keys. 
It is a real treat to have such a fine instrument in our shop. A great item if you are looking for something rare and very very special. Sax ships in perfect playing condition with original wood box hard case.