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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, Serial #144771

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Product ID: 144771SelmerMKVITen


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Players Special – Mark VI 1967
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor in original lacquer finish from 1967, serial number 144771. If you are looking for a great player and dig the look of things well seasoned this VI is going to be a great choice. 
The pictures of the sax do a fantastic job of telling its story. It has the look of a horn that received a serious amount of playtime over a long period. Much of the original lacquer is gone at this point. It does feature exceptionally defined American Floral engraving around the bell area. The physical body of the saxophone is in excellent shape showing some history of past repair. Looking over the sax closely there is solder repair to the top key guard foot of the low Eb key guard. The post plate for the secondary register key on the side of the body tube also looks like it has been repaired in the past. This sax is with the original neck as well as all of the original key work.  The neck was slightly pulled down in the past but will be corrected while it is in our shop. 
As it currently sits this horn is in the need of some quality TLC in the way of general service and very much needs a detailed cleaning. It is currently in our shop awaiting a professional overhaul. The work will include a complete dissemble, cleaning, removing of small dings around the bow, correction of the neck and a fresh set-up with all new pads and key materials. During the work we will be removing all the green build up as well so expect this saxophone to have much cleaner look once we are done. Once the work is complete it will be in perfect playing condition with a new set of Valentino pro pads, metal dome resonators as well as all new corks and felts. 
Although the sax does currently need a good service I was able to spend some time playing it before it went in the shop. I was very impressed with the clean response and crystal clear projection. This tenor definitely has a sweetness or brilliance in its sound. It has a rich and open quality desired in Mark VI but also has a consistent balance from top to bottom allowing for an exceptional level of control. This is an extremely versatile pro horn. 
This tenor ships out in perfect playing condition with a fresh overhaul from the Saxquest shop. Please let us know if you have any questions.