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Vintage Original Lacquer King Silver Sonic Super 20 Alto Sax, Serial #364958

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Product ID: 364958KingSupSS20Alto


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Original Silver and Lacquer Silver Sonic Alto
This is a nice 1959 vintage King “Silver Sonic” Super 20 SIII alto sax, serial number 364958. The alto shows off the original silver and lacquer finish. Its gold leaf floral engraving and sunburst bell keys both have a crisp look. This saxophone is in nice physical condition while showing it has had a fairly active play life. 
The body tube, sterling bell and bow are all in good condition. There is a few smaller dings around the bow which we are currently taking out in our shop.  The bow cap is in perfect condition and has never been pushed in. Aside from a few smallish size dings around the bow there is no signs of major past repair on this alto. This saxophone also comes with the original double socket sterling silver neck. The neck has never been pulled down. 
The Super 20 is a go to instrument if you are looking for something with a fat sound and a lot of power. Projection, altissimo and overall volume control are exceptional on these saxophones. This one in particular came into our shop sitting on some very old pads. As such it is now in line to be overhauled in our shop. The professional overhaul will include a complete disassemble and cleaning. We will also remove the dings around the bow and do precise re-fitting on all the key work. All of the pads and material will be replaced. This sax will soon feature a new set of premium leather pads, metal resonators, corks, felts and a very precise key regulation. The Saxquest overhaul will put the sax into perfect playing condition. 
Once the work in the shop has been complete we will post a new set of photos and a play test video.