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Vintage Original Lacquer Conn 6M VIII 'Naked Lady' Alto Sax, Serial #282474

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Product ID: 282474Conn6MVIIIAlt

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Very Pretty – Original Lacquer Conn 6M
This is a lovely vintage Conn 6M VIII “Naked Lady” alto saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 282474. The Conn 6M showcases rolled tone hole construction, improved 6M table keys in the left pinky cluster, trill G#, front F, micro tuner neck and an under slung octave key. This particular alto does feature the VIII stamp on the back of the double socket neck and near the 6M stamp on the rear of the body tube. (picture 33& 34) 
The Conn 6M is a quintessential item from the golden era of jazz and is a showcase of American craftsmanship at its finest. This saxophone is in tremendous condition showing a modest amount of  play wear to the original lacquer finish. The body tube, bow and bell are all in great original condition. Its bow cap is in excellent condition as is the bell flare. Looking over the saxophone very carefully there is a few very hard to see smaller size cosmetic dings along the lower bow. The body of the saxophone does not show any history of past serious repair and has never received any re-solders. All of the original key guards, guard feet and posts are in tremendous original condition. This saxophone does include the original double socket neck with under slung octave key and working micro tuner. The neck is in great shape and was never pulled down. 
This saxophone was very recently professionally overhauled in a shop on the east coast. It has been set up on a premium set of leather pads and seamless metal domed resonators. All of the key corks and felts were also replaced with high grade felt and tech cork material. The key work on the sax feels smooth under the fingers allowing for an ultra fluid playing experience. These 6M's are known to be free blowing and ultra powerful players. This one is no exception. It takes the air in quick and has a tremendous response with a brilliant sonic color. This is the kind of sax that is great for the giging professional as well as any American instrument enthusiast/collector. Ships with mint condition Hiscox hard case in eggshell white. 
If you have any questions about this saxophone please send us a product question or feel free to send messages directly to zac@saxquest.com