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Vintage Miami Super Power Chamber Florida Dukoff D8 Metal Mouthpiece for Soprano Sax

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Product ID: DukoffD8Sop816LJ


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Vintage Miami Florida
This is a very fun mouthpiece to play. Dukoff D8 for soprano sax. This one is vintage from the Miami Florida period. Like most of the older Dukoff pieces that have seen play time it is not the prettiest looking, but it is physically excellent. It shows a clean facing profile around the table, tip and side rails. The black bite plate is also in nice condition.
As a player this piece will take in a ton of air and it is the kind of piece you turn to when you are looking for power and projection. The sound on it is definitely on the brighter side, but it is not shrill by any means. This piece would be ideal for contemporary players or anybody needing to compete for volume on stage in a loud band.