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Vintage Meyer New York USA Original 8M Medium Chamber Mouthpiece for Alto Sax

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Product ID: NYUSAMeyer8MAlt


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Meyer NY USA Alto 8M
This is a vintage New York USA Meyer 8M mouthpiece for alto saxophone. The piece shows some modest cosmetic play wear around the outer body but nothing too serious. It does show the original 8M stamp on the table. The piece also measures a true 8 with a tip opening at .088”. These Meyers featured a medium inner chamber with slanted side walls. This one shows off a subtle baffle shaping below the tip rail. The facing profile is in very nice condition regarding the table, side rails and tip. There is a few imperfections from previous reed placement. 
This is easily one of the more open Meyer pieces we have had in the shop in the last few years. Perfect for anyone wanting a slightly more open alto piece for straight ahead and lead alto work. The tip opening on the piece measures .088”.