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Vintage Meyer New York USA For Alto – Erik Greiffenhagen Opened to .076

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Product ID: MeyerNYUSAEGAltoRS11


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Awesome New York Meyer - EG .076
This is a vintage Meyer New York USA hard rubber mouthpiece for alto sax. It was originally a table 4 stamp but was more recently opened to a .076 (6M) by Erik Greiffenhagen. Erick did a knock out job on the piece. It plays great and has a super crisp and clean facing profile. The body, shank and beak are all in outstanding condition. 
This piece has a wide open throat and rounded inner side walls. There is just a small hint of baffle below the tip rail. The tip opening on this piece measures .076”. This piece plays with a nice medium warm sound and can be played with a lof of cut and projection when desired. A highly flexible straight ahead piece.