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Vintage Meyer New York USA 6M Hard Rubber for Alto – Opened to .080”

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Product ID: MeyerNYUSA6MAltCG


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New York USA 6M – Opened to .080”
This is a fabulous playing vintage Meyer New York USA for alto saxophone. The piece was stamped a 6M medium chamber when it was manufactured. It was later opened to a 7 and measures .080” at the tip opening. At this point this piece is not the prettiest but it is in solid condition overall. The beak is in good shape and does not have any major tooth wear. Its outer body and shank are also in good condition showing standard cosmetic character. The facing profile of the mouthpiece is in very good condition showing off a clean set of side rails and tip. There is a bit cosmetic blemishing around the outer area of the table from past reed placement. Unfortunately we do not know who did the work on this piece.   
This particular Meyer is a fantastic playing mouthpiece. It showcases a smooth and easy response while providing the positive resistance you want in a good jazz piece. It does showcase a slightly brighter color to the way it plays. Projection on this piece is also exceptional. This would be an ideal item for lead alto or as a versatile jazz piece.