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Vintage Meyer New York USA 5S Medium Chamber Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto

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Product ID: MeyerNYUSA5sAltJJ


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Sweet Player!
This is a vintage Meyer New York USA 5 small facing, medium chamber hard rubber mouthpiece for alto sax. The piece is in very good condition. The beak has a couple of small teeth marks from the previous owner but otherwise shows a nice original condition to the outer body. Its facing is also in great shape regarding the table, side rails and tip. Someone might have touched the piece up just a little in the past but it was never seriously opened. The tip opening on the piece measures .072”
The playability of this vintage Meyer is quite exceptional. It has a lighting fast response and is very easy to get around on. The mouthpiece has a focused medium warm core which is very flexible. A perfect player for small ensemble work or for lead alto playing in a big band.