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Vintage M.C. Gregory Los Angeles 4A 18 Model-A for Alto Sax - Desmond Facing

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Product ID: 1310MCGregA4A18AtlKK


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Model – A Gregory 4A 18 Medium Chamber
This is very nice vintage M.C. Greogory Los Angeles Model – A 4A 18 for alto saxophone, serial number 1310. The 4A 18 is the same model Paul Desmond was known to play on. These early Gregory pieces were made with a wide open circular throat and rounded inner side walls. The tip opening on this piece measures .062”. The deeper side walls and small tip opening lend these pieces to best playing with harder reeds. 
This piece does show some history of past play time but is in amazing physical condition for its vintage. The outer body shows some light scratching from past ligature placement but nothing too serious. Its facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is very clean. There is one small wear spot above the outer tip rail on one side. 
This mouthpiece is considered to be a quintessential choice for the “west coast” jazz sound. They are also fairly hard to come by at this point which makes it a desired piece for the collector as well as the player.