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Vintage Martin-Produced Lyon & Healy Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 16650

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Product ID: 16650LyonHealySoprano

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Very cool old Lyon & Healy soprano sax, serial number 16650. A couple companies produced stencil horns for Lyon & Healy, but this one appears to have been made by Martin, showing beveled tone holes and Martin-like stamping. It is a fine vintage American made horn for players looking to pick up a soprano on the cheap.


This soprano is in excellent physical condition. It was relacquered long ago, as many old vintage horns have been, but the work was done very well. The floral engraving on the bell is still very clear, and the horn was obviously not overly buffed. I see no signs of past dent work, and the body and bell flare are straight. Pads are older, and while a few in the upper stack could stand to be replaced, most are still in great shape.


The vintage Martin sopranos are a blast to play, and this stencil is no exception. Very rich sound that is extremely easy on the ears, it plays with a full sound without sounding brash or coarse. While the keywork isn't modern, the action isn't uncomfortable (though the table key layout may take some getting used to). It could definitely use a couple pads in the upper stack and a good adjustment to iron out the leaks. All around a solid horn and a great value for the price. Ships in a hard case.