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Vintage Martin 'Home Model' C-Melody Saxophone - Serial # 103773

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Product ID: 103773MartinHomeModel

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Collector's Special Offer
This is a 1930s vintage Martin "Home-model" C-Melody saxophone #103773. Martin offered the Home-model for a short period of time as a cheap entry to learning the saxophone with no side keys. This one is playing well from top to bottom, even with its age and limited key work. The body is in gold lacquer, while the keys are in nickel-silver plate.
In the key of C a player will have control of a 2 octave range from C in the bass clef staff, up to C in the treble clef staff. There are no side or palm keys, and limited table and chromatic key fingerings. The only Fingering for Bb is the '1 and 1' where you press your right index finger whilst holding a fingering for B. If you were to advance beyond this horn's range you can use overtones on fingerings down to Eb, but the bore does not give you much resistance to lean on.
These horns are for fun and not really meant for performance, but admittedly this horn has a lovely focused sound saturated in warmth you'd expect from a vintage martin. Intonation on this horn is very flexible, but after a decent warm-up with a tuner or a drone you could figure out the tendencies of this horn enough to play well.
The materials on this horn are holding, and its exhibiting evidence of a few resolders on key-guard feet. So we will offer it in as is condition with a vintage box case at a great price. Collectors would enjoy this offer as it plays and is a rare find!