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Vintage Martin Committee III Alto Sax – Raw Brass, Serial #192503 - Repair Shop Special

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Our Price: $ 950.00

Product ID: 192503MartinComIIIAlt

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Martin Committee III - As Is Condition Low Price
This is a vintage Martin Committee III “The Martin” alto saxophone, serial number 192503. All done up these horns are monster free blowing players. This one in particular looks like it has seen plenty of use in the past but still has plenty to offer the next owner. Most of the lacquer is off the body of this sax as well as off of the neck. he bell flare of the sax was pulled down at some point. But otherwise the rest of the body and the neck are in great shape. The body tube, bow, bow cap and bell are all in good condition. All of the tone holes are also in good condition. 
There are times where I wish I knew the back story on a horn and this is one of them. It looks like someone possibly tried to do an at home repair job on this horn, got as far as they could and then gave up. The pads on it are not in bad condition but there is so much slop in the keys and some other issues with the regulations many of the keys are not even closing all the way at this time. 
Because our shop is so backed up right now we are going to sell this one in as is condition. We highly advise and recommend you have someone fully overhaul it as it will need the work done before it is ready for any serious playing.
If you have a preferred tech in mind this Martin can be purchased at a nice as is price.