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Vintage Martin Committee II 'Lion and Crown' Alto Sax - Serial # 135759

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Product ID: 135759MartinAlto


HELP, I Want One!

World War II era Martin Committee II alto saxophone, serial number 135759. This model is often call the “lion and crown” model based on the engraving. This example is an old relacquer, most likely factory done based on the evidence. It is currently sitting in old pads, and is due for a repad.


The body is very straight on this horn, showing no major past damage or repairs. The current lacquer is in decent shape showing typical wear for a horn that has been played but never abused. The engraving is nearly flawless, so the horn was obviously not buffed hard during the relacquering process. The neck too is in great shape, and does show the matching serial number. I don't believe pads have been replaced in decades, and the sax will definitely need a repad before you can take it out on a gig.


If you squeeze it hard and blow just as hard, you can play this sax just enough to get sense for the color and warmth in its tone. These old Martins have a certain sweetness of tone that is hard to match. With fresh pads, this'll be a fun horn to play. Ships in a good hard case.