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Vintage Lyon & Healy Chicago 'Silver Piston' Valve Trombone

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HELP, I Want One!

Lyon and Healy
This is a very unique early Lyon and Healy "Silver Piston" valve trombone. It was recently serviced in our shop and is in perfect playing condition. The physical condition of the instrument is excellent. The lacquer was at some point overhauled in the past. Its current finish is excellent showing crisp original engraving. All of the slides and valve casing are in excellent condition and are fully operational. The condition of this instrument is excellent. Especially considering it is now around 100 years old. 
Because of the age and unique nature of this instrument it is ideal for a collector of bras instruments. The instrument was play tested after we serviced it. This horn can play in tune with A440 with relative ease, and the valves allow for grace and speed throughout the range of the trombone as desired. The bell measures 8.8 inches across.
This instrument is sold in as is condition and does not include a case.