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Vintage Lyon & Healy 'American Professional' Chicago IL Bass Saxophone, Serial #85178

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Our Price: $ 4,900.00

Product ID: 85178LHBassSax

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Lyon & Healy Bass Sax – Manufactured by Buescher
This is a vintage Lyon & Healy “American Professional” bass saxophone, serial number 85178. 
This bass saxophone dates back to the 1920's and was manufactured for Lyon & Healy by Buescher. The bass saxophones from the 1920's are monstrous instruments and showcase a robust sonic character. During this period the bass saxophone was often used as the functional bass instrument in a multitude of dance band settings.  
Like most vintage bass saxophones out there this one does have a history of use and past repair. The sax has received dent and solder work across the body and upper J tube. Many dings currently remain as well. As it sits a few of the tone holes need attention as well. While the saxophone is in our shop Saxquest will repair the needed tone holes in order to make it easier for the next owner to have the saxophone serviced. In order to keep this instrument at a lower price point we will not being doing any further adjustment or pad work to the saxophone. This saxophone will need to be completely overhauled by a professional before it will be ready for playing. Done up and overhauled this saxophone could easily sell for over 7500.00. At this time the shop is very backed up so we are offering selling it needing an overhaul for a lower price. 
Please take a look at the photos and let us know if you have any questions. This bass ships with a non original vintage Buescher bass saxophone neck. Does not include a case. 
Note to International Customers: Please contact us for international shipping rates. At this time United States Postal Service does not offer an option to accommodate a box big enough to ship a bass. Options through Fed Ex and UPS international may be available.